Nature at Tryon

Living within and among nature is an integral part of living at Tryon Farm. At Tryon Farm, we understand that natural habitats are important for both the health of our ecosystem as well as the physical, emotional, and mental health of people. Because of this, we work to protect and enhance the native habitat found at the Farm. There are simple ways you can support and respect the nature found at Tryon Farm - don't litter and pick up trash when you find it, put all food waste in a secure trash container, keep all pets on a leash, and stay on established paths when hiking around the property. We also encourage only planting flora species native to northern Indiana.

Below are a few additional resources if you are interested to learn more about the nature found at the Farm and northern Indiana.

Plants native to Indiana:

Birds in Indiana:

Shirley Heinz Land Trust, a local conservation partner:

Indiana Department of Natural Resources: